Friday, September 22, 2006

Governments v Business

One of the most interesting tussles to watch over the next few months and years will be the global struggle between governments and businesses.

Why is this a struggle?

Well primarily because businesses are overwhelmingly focused on one goal - delivering value to shareholders. Governments have a juggling act to do. Protecting citizens, encouraging business, raising and spending public finances, and many many more.

The US government has been in a tangle over the laws about Gambling. They haven't yet made up their minds about whether it is or isn't illegal and if the former, then which regulation exactly if falls foul of. And which forms of gambling are illegal? Primarily in the US, Gambling is legal in certain states, and it's interstate gambling which is illegal. And although Poker as a show on TV is legal, it appears to be illegal for the internet. 2 different senior executives have been arrested. And all we have is confusion. The reality for businesses of course, that in today's world, it can be based anywhere and run as efficiently.

Gambling is just one example. Whether it's taxation, consumer protection, copyrights, or any other aspect of business, Governments across the world need to innovate. The creation of Ofcom was a key step in the UK and the Ofcom's record has been good. But given the pace of change in the market, you can understand why it's hard for any government body to stay in step.


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