Monday, August 14, 2006

Newspapers, 2016?

Sickie on Friday the 11th - no post.
Still under the weather today. Just a few thoughts:

What will the newspaper industry look like in 10 years? Here are 10 pointers.

a) each niche (example "cricket") will have 1 or 2 publications which will dominate globally
b) the successful ones will redefine their business design radically. Including tabloids, broadsheets and financial papers.
c) News distribution will be as it happens, not published once a day.
d) Paper based distribution will not vanish but will drop to a tiny fraction of today's volumes - and may favour magazine formats - like weekend newspapers.
e) paper based printing may be decentralized - printing may be done in local offices and homes
f) Push and pull mechanisms of delivering content will both coexist.
g) consumers will choose the time and device for viewing the news
h) "newspaper" companies and "broadcasting" companies will be indistinguishable from each other - from news gathering to production and delivery will be a mix of written and audiovisual content
i) individual writers/ content creators may become much better known and followed than specific papers.
j) clear lines will be drawn between news and entertainment - and public service publishing (including broadcasting) may dominate news.

More on this soon...


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