Saturday, November 25, 2006

Weekend Reading: web 2.0, services, video searches and more...

Amidst the catching up of sleep last weekend, I spent some time catching up on the Web 2.0 juggernaut that shows every sign of running amock the moment you look away.

A good place to start is the venture-blog which, as you would expect, catches trends early.

One of the areas to watch is the superabundance of tools for blogging (Vox), linking and interconnecting (Sphere). Sphere actually uses a widget which you can install in your to track contextual posts on topics you cover.

The second area is the continuous progress of video tagging and searching. While I've spoken about Video tagging earlier, Dabble is a service which tries to add a layer of intelligence around video searches by actually measuring how people view and link to videos on the web.

A final area is that of the software services model - i.e. defining software as a service which masks the technology and exposes only the service construct. Which essentially means that as long as you have defined interface, you don't really care how the software does its job. As more and more software is written this way, it becomes easy to use a specific functionality without having to buy the whole software (or install it). Yo can try it with services like Flickr and Pageflakes.

In the future you could therefore expect to blog to a number of websites, which you could then contextualize and link to other relevant content/ blogs and pull them into your own publishing environment. It's like doing deals on the run - like the proverbial changing of tyres while the car is still moving.


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